EVE-NG Community Edition

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We are proud to offer free EVE-NG Community edition.

Current status:

v2.0.3-95 (02 January 2019)

v2.0.3-95 release notes
1. Fixed IOL image excesscoll error, symlink to original .bin

2. Added EVE Pro custom templates form, for how to follow EVE Pro cookbook, section 17.3
3. Added troubleshooting script eve-info. Run CLI command 'eve-info' to collect info about your EVE
4. Added SQL database recovery script, run cli command 'unl_wrapper -a restoredb' to restore SQL user database (admin recovery only)
5. Updated node icons, EVE-PRO icons
6. Added new templates for images
7. Arista vEOS zerotouch images startup config export


Correct EVE Community Update and Upgrade steps

Pre-rquisities: Internet reachability from your EVE is a must!

1. Free up your EVE from older packages:

apt autoremove

2. make sure you have free space on EVE HDD, to check issue command. vg-root and /boot should not be in 100% or close to that.

df -h

3. Verify named ping, example, ping www.google.com, if success, follow step 4. If ping is not success, check your DNS IP assigned for EVE.

4. Execute command

apt update

5. Execute command, when it prompt to confirm, answer "Y"

apt upgrade

NOTE: Making upgrade from older EVE Community version, installation can ask to confirm some of installation steps:

Answer for screenshot above, N

Answer for grub: Keep the local version currently installed

5. After installation is successfully finished, reboot your EVE



The new EVE-NG platform is ready for todays requirements. It allows enterprises, e-learning providers/centres, individuals and group collaborators to create virtual proof of concepts, solutions and training environments.

EVE-NG is the first clientless multivendor network emulation software that empowers network and security professionals with huge opportunities in the networking world.



ISO Algorithm Checksum
  MD5 F5D2A09D4BF2EED78B3B18D92E36FD20
  SHA1 18C3F76F25951140F172624DEAE8D7A60E24C11F






OVA Algorithm Checksum
  MD5 BECCA3047AE67154C2ADAB4C74227545
  SHA1 E12B4245913BE3C149FF48BA8CD2E615590EB91E