v2.0.3-95 (2 January 2019)

  • Fixed IOL image excesscoll error, symlink to original .bin
  • Added EVE Pro custom templates form, for how to follow EVE Pro cookbook, section 17.3
  • Added troubleshooting script eve-info. Run CLI command 'eve-info' to collect info about your EVE
  • Added new images templates
  • Added SQL database recovery script, run cli command 'unl_wrapper -a restoredb' to restore SQL user database (admin recovery only)
  • Updated node icons, EVE-PRO icons
  • Arista vEOS zerotouch images startup config export

v2.0.3-92 (11 June 2018)

  • CSR Denali and Everest Support, vmxnet3 interface driver
  • Updated CSR Denali and Everest templates
  • Added new images templates
  • New Guacamole, allows copy/paste in the HTML console
  • WEB GUI updates, Algnment nodes on the topology

v2.0.3-86 (14 November 2017)

  • Big lab node position fix
  • Support for node list limit
         copy /opt/unetlab/html/includes/config.php.distribution to /opt/unetlab/html/includes/config.php to hide unavailable nodes

v2.0.3-84 (12 October 2017)

  • Telnet Console freeze Fix
  • New Template Aruba
  • New Template Prime Infrastructure
  • Disable unsolicited IPV6 traffic

v2.0.3-83 (10 October 2017)

  • Fix install script issue
    Users with installed V81/V82 instructions ( after update to V83):
      on cli : apachectl stop

    Known issue: On shutdown/Poweroff system could take up to 10 minutes to stop mysql daemon.
    This issue is described here . Ubuntu update should resolve this caveat in the future.

v2.0.3-81 (7 October 2017)

  • Start/Stop node fix lost config issue
  • CSR1000V config export fix
  • Update Chat HelpDesk link ( chat.eve-ng.net )
  • Apache auto start failure on Bare Metal  workaround

v2.0.3-80 (3 October 2017)

  • Better stop node procedure
  • rp_filter disabled
  • New Live Chat HelpDesk link ( chat.eve-ng.net )

v2.0.3-79 (23 September 2017)

  • VMWare vCenter template
  • OSX Template
  • Juniper vRR Template
  • New kernel with UKSM fix ( Freeze / Crash )

v2.0.3-77 (25 August 2017)

  • Fix installer IOL nvram check script
  • Fix Apache2 startup problem

v2.0.3-76 (24 August 2017)

  • Esxi template
  • Update vsxrng template
  • Update ISE template
  • Alteon and Cisco APICEM templates
  • Kernel Update 4.9.40 UKSM enabled
  • Qemu 2.9 added
  • Cpulimit per node tuning added
  • Overall speed improvement

v2.0.3-71 (4 August 2017)

  • Fixed VSRX-NG template
  • vWAAS template adaptation for new KVM image
  • Major issue Fixed for IOL MTU
  • Fix config load  for vEOS

v2.0.3-70 (20 July 2017)

  • Fixed backward compatibility Nexus9K

v2.0.3-69 (20 July 2017)

  • Fix Cosmetic interface order in capture dialog
  • Update HTML5 Engine
  • Qemu 2.5.0 and 2.6.2 added
  • New Cisco AMP Cloud Template
  • Cisco Nexus improvement ( support up to 50 interfaces )
  • Nokia Timos template tuned

 v2.0.3-68 (23 June 2017)

  • Fix Picture Edit

v2.0.3-67 (23 June 2017)

  • UI Improvement in Zoom Mode
  • Add Huawei USG Support
  • Add MikroTik Support (including config export/import)
  • Add Nokia VSR Support (including config export/import)
  • delay start bug fix
  • New jQuery Library
  • Auto detection vmx from templates ( some )
  • Different nodes interface names correction
  • Qemu options edit from UI
  • Template option edit from UI
  • ACE Editor for configs with juniper and cisco preset
  • Ability to switch boot mode from config Form

v2.0.3-60 (11 Apr 2017)

  • New uploaded custom topology nodes mapping fix
  • Notification area expand fix

v2.0.3-59 (11 Apr 2017)

  • New Repository used
  • Support for vNX9K configuration export
  • Image Map textarea only for custom external target
  • Fix configuration modal
  • Fix update process ( Mysql Failed )

v2.0.3-53 (15 Mar 2017)

  • Updated Unified Color scheme
  • Reworked node connections (Read FAQ for more info)
  • Delete connection on Lab  canvas by right clicking on its label
  • Lab Zoom feature on the main left panel (click on magnifying glass will reset zoom to default)
  • Improved lab Lock feature (lock will disable any edition/moving abilitied in the lab)
  • Free select replaced with mouse hover click (nodes/obj can be also selected with ctrl+left mouse click)
  • Console All and Console Selected nodes
  • Reworked node right click menu
  • Reworked add node modal
  • Improved UKSM
  • CPUlimit feature (It will limit max CPU usage per process to 80% which reduce faults and freeze due to CPU bursts)
  • UKSM and CPUlimit can be disabled/enabled from Status page at Home and Lab pages (Changes are permanent per System, not per user/lab)
  • Improved Node list
  • Reworked Startup config Option
  • Network list - P2P connections are not shown in the list anymore
  • Reworked Pictures
    • Zoom feature
    • Dynamic and easy map creation (no need to edit mapping by hand)
    • Custom/External node mapping (Just change to your desired protocol/ip/port
    • Mapping marker in the picture Edit mode (to view exactly where you placed the "click" area)
    • If no pictures exists in the lab, "Pictures" will not be shown in the menu and will appear once at least one picture added
  • All delete/wipe actions have confirmation modal in order to avoid mistakes
  • Creating a Lab in the Home screen will auto-open it
  • Fixed scaling of the images in the lab preview (newly added/user custom icons will be properly displayed)
  • Fixed Last sessions time under user management
  • Fixed various "Slim"
  • Notification when export lab
  • Maximum nodes that can be added at once set to 50
  • Maximum nodes per user, per lab is set to 128 due to ports limitation
  • Removing Editing option from a running nodes
  • Fixed rare bug that might open old User Interface while opening a lab
  • No more Editor and User roles - all users are Administrators (After upgrade Editor and User will automatically change to Admin)
  • Default credentials for Web login changed to admin/eve
  • General code cleanup
  • Various bug fixes and improvements that were discoreved during the work
  • Modified user Edit and Creation
  • Partial Internet Explorer Support (WIP)
  • Templates:
    • Junos Space
    • Removed Docker and USC-PE from the list
    • NX-OSv 9k


  • IOL collision on PNET fixed ( https://gitlab.com/eve-ng-dev/eve-ng-public/issues/11)
  • UI Improvement ( Templates with no available images / link creation / UI uniformity )
  • BARE Install custom kernel support ( /etc/default/BAREPARAMS )
  • Lock Lab feature introduction
  • Small Bugs fixes
  • Templates added for:
    • Riverbed
    • Windows Server
    • Windows Workstation
  • Old windows installation still use template Windows Legacy - We recommended to move to specific template by renaming directories).
    • win windows7 -> winstation-windows7
    • win server2008 -> winserver-server2008


How to upgrade?

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade


  • Fix for vsrxng template.
  • CPU watchdog monitor for throttling excessive cpu usage (Feature, which limiting CPU overspike during mass start of nodes and managing CPU sharing between large number of nodes. Let’s call it as Smart CPU usage inside of EVE.
  • kernel parameter for cpu and memory improvement.
  • Support Auto resize HDD when adding extra HDD for EVE-NG VM version ( Not bare metal )



Ubuntu makes changes that can break update/upgrade.

in case of failure, user has to type:

  • apt-get -f install

And after retry:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade


V2.0.2-19 - Public Preview Release (5 Jan 2017)


We are proud to present the anticipated EVE-NG preview/alpha release to the public.

Bellow one will find:

  • Feature list in that release
  • Download links
  • HowTo video and instructions




Features of this release

  • Base upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and new kernel
  • UKSM implementation
  • Brand new Home screen
  • Improved OLD lab layout UI from UNL (New LAB layout will be presented in later releases)
    • Color change for stopped and running node
    • HTML5 implementation for telnet,vnc and rdp (will be presented in Video HowTo)
    • Color change for stopped and running node
    • Nice square grid
    • Various bug fixes
  • Native RDP for Windows is now supported for the first time in a lab platform
  • Official repo moved to GitLab

  • New images
    • Cisco FirePower 6
    • Juniper vQFX
    • Juniper vMX 15.X and 16.X versions
    • CUCM (How to will be added in future)
    • NX-OSv 9k
    • Separated templates for CSR 3.X and CSR Denali/Everest
    • VPCS fixes and more

The main goal of this release is to show what we are working on and receive a feedbacks in order to continue developing and improving the platform

All feedbacks or issue kindly leave on our GitLab Issues Page