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EVE-NG Professional/Learning Center Version 2.0.4-98

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Ready to go OVA  (HDD in OVA is only 40G. Add new HDD per your needs)

Installation ISO:


OVA Algorithm Checksum
  MD5 95BDA541D548F2E59B30D81C2719C9B6
  SHA1 6D53624141E64089117FB19B6C3456C86B5FB424
  SHA256 FB18320E7D2A304922A52A59F2ED9908C752BE16F7384C8E8A4BC5597835CED5






ISO Algorithm Checksum
            MD5 47630DF5F3A4F9ECFFA15552D9D74FCD
  SHA1 FEFAD5B53AB777F701EF28CBC7F9632022B9E2A2
  SHA256 8721B6BF9924E57D3E2C5C46BEB875C47FA3155D916F525190F8B50189495F93