Eve-NG Question

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Eve-NG Question

Post by KarelSoel » Sat Sep 18, 2021 7:26 am

Hello everyone, found a post that says most who use eve-ng hangs out here. I'm trying to migrate from GNS3 to eve-ng

Been trying to make mine work for quite some time now, I've manage to get it up and running and even run a couple of Dynamips and IOLs (same ones I used on GNS3) and I encountered a couple of problems.

I could run Dynamips fine, I can open the terminal and config but for some reason when I connect the devices the arp table populates but I can't ping and reach the next device.

I can't run any of the IOUs, they don't start at all even when it says "node: XX started" it still looks offline.

Been scratching my head here but I can't seem to find any solution online.

I just wanted a reliable way to simulate L2/L3s and stuff from Fortinet and some ASAs
https://nox.tips/ https://xender.vip/
If anyone has a better solution other than GNS3 or eve-ng, would be appreciated.

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